I’m Bárbara, a portuguese graphic designer + illustrator based in Porto.



lots of normal things like:

crafts + sell my work at street markets + travel + talk + take pictures + explain things + print + engraving + read + aquagym classes + cinema + pilates for my back + stress with work + dance + eat chocolate like nobody is watching

So, I grew up in a real nice place surrounded by green, with mountains close by and the sea by my side.

I always liked to draw and explain things, so when I had to choose a profession it was very easy and obvious to me. It had to be something visual, that I could explore and organize to explain things. Graphic design seemed perfect to me and still is one of my great passions. The other two are photography and illustration. All of these passions are related and it's this fusion that I love.

I graduated in Graphic Design at ESAD - Matosinhos (erasmus in ESA - Lorient) , then took a professional course in Photography at IPF - Porto and later a master's
degree in Illustration at ESAG - Guimarães.

I worked with several design companies and clients in Portugal, France and Canada.

I've lived in Lorient, Lisbon, Pézenas , Guimarães, La Rochelle and Montréal and then I came back to lovely Porto (because i left my <3 here). Today i'm working as a freelancer.

Meantime I participated in several workshops and exhibitions. I was co-founder of an association of Illustration, co-organizer of the International Illustration Meeting of S. João da Madeira. In 2017 I self-published the book "The Sun of Mrs. Blue". I regularly participate at illustration markets.

I would like to continue working and exploring these areas with cool clients and be part of interesting projects all around the world. I really like diversity and meeting new challenges.

I'm available for freelance, commissions, projects, coffees or just to say hello.


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Where do I sell my illustration products?
On my online shop

And you can find my work at Ó! Galeria Porto and Lisbon and Área 55 (Guimarães).

If you're interested in selling my products at your store, please send me an email for terms of sale.